Our experienced ESG asset management team based in Milwaukee, WI actively manages two ESG Small Cap separate account strategies.  We apply a value-oriented approach to ESG investing using our disciplined research process, the Three Pillar Approach.®


We are business owners not stock traders. We strive to hold our investments for the long term. By limiting turnover, we can minimize execution costs, tax inefficiencies and compound after-tax returns.


We manage focused portfolios that invest between 20-35 names. Studies have shown that focused portfolios generate superior risk-adjusted returns.


It is our goal to ensure your assets are invested for the long-term and given the opportunity to align with businesses that enhance our world for the next generation. We are proud to be members of the USSIF and signatories to the PRI Association and CDP Worldwide.


The partners at Riverwater believe in eating our own cooking and proudly invest our personal assets beside yours in Riverwater strategies.

We create a watchlist of companies that we believe have enduring franchises. The list is created through management meetings, intensive reading of company filings, media sources and screening. Our screens focus on companies that earn their cost of capital and have grown sales over the last 10 years. Companies that are attractively valued are further vetted using the Riverwater Three Pillar Approach®.




We focus on teams that exhibit a history of making wise capital allocation decisions and are aligned with shareholders.




We look for unique and sustainable businesses with defensible moats allowing them to consistently earn and exceed their cost of capital.




Companies should be able to consistently generate or grow free cash flow throughout an economic cycle with flexible balance sheets. We prefer to pay either at or below market multiples on earnings.


The Riverwater Sustainable Value Strategy seeks to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns versus its benchmark, the Russell 2500 Value Index. The Riverwater Sustainable Value Strategy holds 20-35 small and mid-sized companies generally between a range of $250mm and $20B in market capitalization.  SUSTAINABLE VALUE FACTSHEET



The Riverwater Micro Opportunities Strategy seeks to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns versus its benchmark, the Russell 2000 Index. The Micro Opportunities Strategy holds 20-40 micro cap companies generally between a range of $50mm and $2B in market capitalization.  MICRO OPPORTUNITIES FACTSHEET

We believe responsible investment or ESG investing is in the best interest of our clients, our firm, our communities and our society.  Therefore, we consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies, practices, and outcomes, alongside traditional investment criteria, when evaluating potential investment candidates.

We employ a Three Pillar Approach to evaluate ESG efforts of companies being considered for inclusion in client portfolios: Due Diligence, Engagement and Collaboration.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence process seeks to understand a company’s attention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. We believing that a focus on ESG factors can shed light on potential risks and/or opportunities for a company, which may impact people, planet and profit. We focus on those factors that are most salient to a company based on its industry. While we seek best-in-class efforts, we also invest in companies willing to engage regarding improvement.

We maintain a proprietary database of the ESG efforts of the companies in which we hold positions, those under consideration, and peer companies. Companies receive points for having a sustainability report, for inclusion in ESG Indices, and for the nature of their business being socially responsible.


Riverwater engages with companies executives and boards to gain an understanding of their current attention to ESG factors and to encourage greater efforts. The overall goal of engagement, as with our other ESG efforts, is to generate positive impact to the environment and society, as well as superior financial outcomes. We are guided by our Engagement Policy to increase impact with laggards and to raise the bar with leaders.

Riverwater Partners documents and follows up on our engagement efforts. If a company is unresponsive or unwilling to improve its ESG efforts, we will consider selling our position.

Riverwater Partners votes proxies for portfolio companies according to our Proxy Voting Policy, which favors management and shareholder resolutions that align with our ESG views.


Collaboration with local, national and international responsible investment thought leaders informs our practice and strengthens our engagement.


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