Cindy Bohlen, CFA, is Director of ESG & Chief Mindfulness Officer at Riverwater Partners, which manages ESG strategies for institutions and individuals with a focus on small- and mid-cap stocks. 

Sustainable agriculture is the next way ESG investors can fight climate change

Marketwatch. March 24, 2021. By Debbie Carlson 7 ways for ESG investors to profit from sustainable agriculture The original green sector — agriculture — hasn’t been on the radar for environmental, social and governance investors, given industrial agriculture’s heavy dependence on pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. But ESG investors are turning their interest to…

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ESG: Growth Is Welcome, But What Drives Actual Change?, March 11, 2021 By Cindy Bohlen Encouraging news arrived late last year about the fast growth of investments managed with attention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Seventeen trillion was the headline dollar figure in the latest biannual report from trade association US SIF, which tracks the responsible investing industry. Seventeen trillion represents…

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Active ownership and ESG

What is Active Ownership?

At Riverwater, our work as “active owners” is intended to help bring to bear our clients’ values. In this way, active ownership is a natural extension of our efforts to make investment selections consistent with those values. At times, active ownership can also be a natural extension of our efforts to achieve a strong return…

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