Should you seek investment advice on your 401(k) account?

Article featured in Valuewalk. May 24, 2021. For most Americans, 401(k) plan accounts have become the predominant retirement savings vehicle.  Currently, more than $6.4 trillion is invested in 401(k) plans across the country, a 73% increase in the past ten years.1  An additional $2.7 trillion is invested in other defined-contribution plans, such as 403(b) plans for educational…

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Do Sustainable Companies Perform Better

Debunking the ESG Financial Performance Myth

Riverwater Partners believes that sustainable companies perform better. Our highly integrative process can enable our clients to invest according to their values while also opening up the possibility of not only no performance disadvantage but, as is our goal over the long term, a performance advantage. For many years, the primary approach taken by “responsible”…

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