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Q2 2023 | Artificial Exuberance

Q2 2023 Market and Strategies Update Macro Economic Update The second quarter of 2023 saw continued gains for equity markets driven by a pause in interest rate increases and stabilization in the banking industry. Bonds were down slightly in the quarter but still have positive returns year-to-date after their drubbing in 2022.   Inflation continued its…

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Q4 2022 | Coal for Christmas

Q4 2022 Market and Strategies Update There is a saying in the financial markets that the Fed will raise rates until it breaks something. This seems especially relevant today when the entire global economy moves trillions of dollars on the words of one-man, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Coal for Christmas The S&P 500 was…

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Q2 2022 | Grin and Bear It

Q2 2022 Market and Riverwater Strategies Update The volatility experienced in the first quarter of 2022 continued in the second quarter, with all major markets down for the first half of Q2 2022. The S&P 500 officially entered a bear market (defined by a decline of 20% from its all-time-high) as stocks had their worst first half…

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